The Center for Human Rights and Privacy (CeHRP) is dedicated to the promotion of human rights and privacy in the United States.  Our current project involves the use of surveillance technologies by local police and other government agencies.

CeHRP was founded by Mike Katz-Lacabe and Margarita Lacabe and welcomes the collaboration of other human rights and privacy activists.

You can contact us at info@cehrp.org

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m a criminal justice reporter for the Contra Costa Times. I was taking a look at those documents you posted today on the ALCO Sheriff’s beating. Great grab, by the way.

    I just had a question about where you got the bit about none of the deputies not having their body cameras on. I didn’t see that anywhere in the reports.


  2. […] which point all the data was recorded and retained infinitely. I spoke to Mike Katz-Lacabe from the Center for Human Rights and Privacy, and a well-informed privacy expert from the Bay Area to understand the piece about missing data. […]

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