Apr 132015

In a March 26, 2015, response to my public records request, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office provided a heavily-redacted copy of a non-disclosure agreement with the FBI dated May 29, 2012. Based on the number of pages, the non-disclosure agreement appears similar to non-disclosure agreements between the FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and between the FBI and the Erie County Sheriff.

The non-disclosure agreement refers to “wireless collection equipment/technology manufactured by Harris Corporation,” which indicates that the equipment is likely a StingRay.

In a followup response to my public records request, dated March 27, 2015, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office provided four heavily-redacted documents from Harris Corporation:

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  1. I was spied on during a confidential family crisis during 9/11/14 with not only spyrex spyware but a stingray technology from Ventura County Sheriffs office. The Sheriffs went so far as 9/23/14 me talking to a Ventura County Sheriff to my life being threatened by Mike Klein my neighbor 9/28/14. On 9/26/14 Robert Young esq rendered an unauthorized legal opinion about my patents, I told Mike Klein I did not want a legal opinion from his idiot attornies and mentioned a conversation I had with a Ventura County Sheriff 9/26/14. 9/28/14 The Ventura County Sheriffs came out took off their name badges and questioned me about who I spoke to in Ventura County Sheriffs. I refused to answer the officer because he did not have a business card nor proper identification or a business card. The original 911 report said no one dispatched out. I bought additional reports and the idiots changed their 9/28/14 reports. Tim Urton is listed on my report and has two badge identitiesm. Marta Bogarine TO Detective also tried to get me to close my mouth but I refusedm. The Sheriffs in my court case keep changing their reports and are not accurate in their supplemental documentationm. What is crazy is this one Sheriff I spoke to is recorded over and over in my case legal docs. In other words they are tripping all over themselves particularly because Commander Hagel I found out has a dual identity as Tyler in LA County Sheriff as Tyler double dipping LA County Ventura County. I have pictures of docs. I pass them out to every LAPD Sheriff and LAPD I see. The Sheriffs are trying really hard to back track and they can’t.

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