Oct 252016

The East Bay Regional Park District Police received machine guns and a grenade launcher from the U.S. military under the 1033 program.

According to documents released in response to a public records request, the East Bay Regional Park District Police received 10 M16 rifles and an M79 grenade launcher in December 2013 and January 2014.

The weapons are likely used by the department’s SWAT team, which also has a BATT armored personnel carrier.

East Bay Regional Park District Police BATT

East Bay Regional Park District Police BATT at Urban Shield

  One Response to “Militarization of the East Bay Regional Park Police”

  1. I just read your article on MSN and clicked your link and I must say that I am appalled at the ” goodies” the police are being allowed to obtain, and of course , not disclose to the public unless asked to under freedom of information. Insane, that they can employ a device to unlock and retrieve a person’s personal data from their cellphone, and even worse that they can use a device that mimics a nearby cell tower to indiscriminately grab a bunch of info from a large spectrum of people , innocent and maybe not innocent with out a search warrant. Quite frankly I feel that this is pure bull shit. As far as I can see, these behaviors are totally against the constitution, and many laws. I feel that an informed public is one way to combat this atrocity as well as putting pressure on our law makers to act!

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