Apr 062015

Dustin Slaughter wrote for The Declaration on April 2, 2014 that the Pennsylvania State Police had StingRays from Harris Corporation since at least December 2013.

In a March 30, 2015, response to my public records request, the Pennsylvania State Police acknowledged that responsive records included “a four page correspondence dated August 18, 2011, from the FBI to PSP [Pennsylvania State Police] marked law enforcement sensitive and a two page agreement between Harris and PSP.” The response also states, “The PSP, upon receipt of a request(s) for cellular telephone surveillance records, confers with the FBI in contemplation of a response to the request(s) as the FBI provides guidance as to the legal dissemination of records pertaining to cellular telephone surveillance request(s)….PSP has had telephone contact with Harris Corporation. PSP notifies the FBI upon receipt of request(s) for information on cellular telephone surveillance records.”

This means that the Pennsylvania State Police have possessed Harris StingRays since 2011, two years earlier than the previously disclosed documents.

Pennsylvania State Police Stingray Surveillance Technology Contract – 2013

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