Apr 132015

In a March 26, 2015, response to my public records request, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office provided a heavily-redacted copy of a non-disclosure agreement with the FBI dated May 29, 2012. Based on the number of pages, the non-disclosure agreement appears similar to non-disclosure agreements between the FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and between the FBI and the Erie County Sheriff.

The non-disclosure agreement refers to “wireless collection equipment/technology manufactured by Harris Corporation,” which indicates that the equipment is likely a StingRay.

In a followup response to my public records request, dated March 27, 2015, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office provided four heavily-redacted documents from Harris Corporation:

  2 Responses to “Ventura County Sheriff Has a StingRay”

  1. I was spied on during a confidential family crisis during 9/11/14 with not only spyrex spyware but a stingray technology from Ventura County Sheriffs office. The Sheriffs went so far as 9/23/14 me talking to a Ventura County Sheriff to my life being threatened by Mike Klein my neighbor 9/28/14. On 9/26/14 Robert Young esq rendered an unauthorized legal opinion about my patents, I told Mike Klein I did not want a legal opinion from his idiot attornies and mentioned a conversation I had with a Ventura County Sheriff 9/26/14. 9/28/14 The Ventura County Sheriffs came out took off their name badges and questioned me about who I spoke to in Ventura County Sheriffs. I refused to answer the officer because he did not have a business card nor proper identification or a business card. The original 911 report said no one dispatched out. I bought additional reports and the idiots changed their 9/28/14 reports. Tim Urton is listed on my report and has two badge identitiesm. Marta Bogarine TO Detective also tried to get me to close my mouth but I refusedm. The Sheriffs in my court case keep changing their reports and are not accurate in their supplemental documentationm. What is crazy is this one Sheriff I spoke to is recorded over and over in my case legal docs. In other words they are tripping all over themselves particularly because Commander Hagel I found out has a dual identity as Tyler in LA County Sheriff as Tyler double dipping LA County Ventura County. I have pictures of docs. I pass them out to every LAPD Sheriff and LAPD I see. The Sheriffs are trying really hard to back track and they can’t.

  2. Corruption using tax payer funds to spy on law abiding Americans without a signed judge issued warrant, it is unlawful and unconstitutional. Violates our 4th Amendment right at the very least. At most it is terrorism behavior. The very thing they are suppose to be protecting us from. Like small children our public servants must be watched and corrected on a regular basis. This is the responsibility of Americans every where.

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